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SACOMET LIMITED, horizontal continuous casting machines, vertical continuous casting machines (upwards and downwards), natural gas, LPG or oil fired, electric induction or graphite heaters.

sacomet® is dedicated to solving the problems of the continuous casting of metals worldwide. The group was formed in 1997 with a unique blend of experience and skills in the foundry melting and continuous casting theatre.

SACOMET LIMITED was founded to operate internationally in Metallurgical and Materials Projects. The company is owned by Sandy Cochrane and Bob Johnson, both of whom have over 30 years experience in the field.

Now with the presence of sacomet® , there is a wealth and depth of continuous casting technology knowledge and capability to manufacture & supply plants that will readily meet or exceed clients requirements. sacomet® operates a small concast foundry which produces small batches of specialised metals in a variety of alloys, and together with carefully selected manufacturing partner companies, are in a position to supply all manner & sizes of continuous casting plant for all critical applications, such as

  • pure copper in wire, rod, tube, sections
  • high copper alloys
  • brasses
  • bronzes,
  • Ni brass
  • Precious metals
  • Zinc, cadmium, lead, tin alloy etc

Critical to the efficient operation & productivity required by clients for continuous casting processes, is the specific selection of the appropriate technology required to address the customer's ultimate objectives.

sacomet® can offer entirely unbiased precision process selection of all manner of different types of plants, supplied from their own range of furnaces, or alternatively a carefully selected group of other major furnace manufacturers.

Gas fired? LPG or natural gas? Oil fired? Paraffin or diesel? Electric powered? Induction? Channel or coreless types? Resistance?

Mode of casting: Vertical - upwards, downwards? Inclined? Horizontal? Jobbing ? large or small batches?

Our range of products are second to none, starting with entry level plants which are fossil fuel fired (gas or oil) and can be supplied to a basic vanilla instrumentation format. However, where it counts, high quality engineering robustness & technical correctness of the pyrometallurgical process, will always be paramount & never be compromised.

Why consider sacomet® instead of the other major players in the continuous casting field? Our mission is to provide superior service, knowledge, competitive pricing, and the highest quality products.

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